What the Customers say

David Yelverton built for me a few years ago an exquisite 8-course lute. The sound is full and silvery, as good as one could hope, and carries well above voices and other instruments, even though the instrument is very light and quite small, with a pleasingly light string-tension. The craftsmanship and artistry are manifest, and details (such as the knotted rose and the figuring of the sycamore bowl) are perfect.

David has also built for me a ten-string classical guitar. Again details such as the choice of wood are perfect, and the sound is as good as that of any guitar I have played or heard (with the possible exception of a Panormo that I once had the luck to handle).

I had the privilege of playing an archlute (in the old tuning) by him for Radio Suffolk several years ago. It was indeed a privilege: the instrument was a delight to see and to hold, and was astonishingly responsive. The piece I played was rather sparse early Baroque Italian, relying very much on the sound of the lute itself: it worked.

It is worth mentioning that matters such as trueness, sustain, lightness of action, lack of wolf-tones, and ease of peg-turning, are all excellent, as good as or better indeed than the standards of other established and well-known luthiers.

– Tim Macy, Trimley-Saint-Mary

My new guitar made by David Yelverton is a real treat to play. From the moment I opened the case and saw the rich gloss of the sound board and the perfectly crafted curvature of its body down to the detailed wood inlays, I knew I was in for a wonderful experience.
Just plucking the open strings produces a sound of deep authority and sweetness, increasing to a voluminous wood-like singing as I start to pick a melody.
This guitar inspires me to play. It brings pleasure to any technical exercise and actually helps me compose by being responsive to any idea however strange.
I whole-heartedly recommend David’s guitars.

– Jamie Clements, Woodbridge.
Concert guitar in East Indian Rosewood and Western Red Cedar, with Courtnall lattice braced soundboard

I asked Dave to make a new neck for my 5 string jazz bass with a fretless finger board. The finishing and craftsmanship are both excellent and Dave kept me involved at every stage of the process to ensure that I got what I wanted from the bass. All in all I can highly recommend Dave’s work and if I have any future luthier based requirements I will give him a call.

– Tim Simpkin, Manchester
Custom neck in flamed maple with ebony fingerboard

Ever since I got my first electric guitar I had always wanted a unique and extreme metal guitar. I drew several designs chose the best and asked Dave if he could make it. He asked to me draw a full scale version. He took my design and re-drew it to make a workable guitar. We then sat down and decided on the hardware that would go onto it from the Wilkinson Bridge and Sperzel locking machine heads to the EMG 89’s and skull volume knobs. After a year of hard saving and watching it being built between David’s other jobs, the end result was brilliant. Until this day I still have never played a guitar that I found easier to play. It sounds awesome for my style of music. The combination of split active p/u’s, push-pull volume and tone knobs and 3 way switch gives a huge range of different sounds which make it adaptable to a wide range of styles. David really made my drawing come to life.

– Dan Good, Felixstowe
Collaborated design in Honduras Mahogany with custom flame design

I ordered a Thinline Tele copy from Dave few years back and I have to say that it is one of the best guitars I’ve ever played! His attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none. I was impressed enough to ask him to re-finish two of my Strats, one in 3-tone sunburst and the other Olympic White. I am currently saving up for another guitar by Dave which is a D45 Martin copy, with all the inlay works that goes with it, I know that Dave would not disappoint me. Highly recommended!

– Seni Chanapai, Bangkok, Thailand
Thinline Tele in cherry mahogany with Bigleaf Maple facing

Your setup transformed my guitar. The Martin extra light strings you recommended were a perfect match. I took it along to a friend and he loved playing it too. Many thanks.

– Barry Jones, Ipswich

I have been using two of Dave’s guitars regularly for years and find them very playable I’m using them in our band TWO OAKES in Tasmania Australia at this moment The Strat was the second guitar Dave made for me and is a lovely guitar to play The Tele is my fav as it is over 10 years old and has been evolved a number of times by Dave to its current thin line lace pickup version. Other players who have used the guitar identify its one of the best necks that they have ever v played – got a great country rock sound. A third guitar that Dave made for me, our own design version of an Esprit is a brill double humbucker ROCKIN guitar If I had 3 hands I would have brought it home with me too but it is safely lent to good musician friends in ENG and will make its way to me soon. I highly recommend Dave’s craftsmanship – it’s real quality!.

– Allen Litherland, Tasmania, Australia
Strat, Thinline Tele in flamed Bigleaf Maple and joint designed guitar based on modified Eggle Esprit in Korina

David recently undertook the quite extensive task of building a completely new neck for my beautiful Ozark 315N resonator. After in-depth homework of local luthiers, it became obvious that David was the man for the job. I needed to have a much wider neck, 52mm at the nut due to my apparently huge fingers. His craftsmanship, knowledge and overall ability is 1st class. It was completed in a very good time at a very reasonable cost and plays beautifully. The tone is just wonderful and I am extremely happy with the result. I will not be going anywhere else for luthier work. David is ‘the man’ and will always have my custom. Thank you David.

– Dan Turner, Nacton, UK