Terms and Conditions for Sale of Commissioned Instruments.


A place on my waiting list is secured by payment of a deposit of 5% of the selling price of the instrument. This deposit is non-returnable except by prior agreement.

Start of Work

About two months before building starts I will ask you for further 25% of the selling price to cover material costs. This is non-returnable if the completed instrument is not accepted, unless the reason for doing so is either wrong or faulty materials used or inadequate workmanship.
Payment of this deposit will imply acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


On completion, the remaining 70% of selling price is due before the instrument is handed over.

Should the instrument not be accepted without adequate reason, I will attempt to sell it. This may take some time, especially for an unusual or customised instrument

I will endeavour to either give back to you the full cost of the materials payment, or, should I not be able to sell it for the agreed price, 25% of the price received for the instrument on subsequent sale.

Whilst I will put the instrument on the market, I will not necessarily make its sale my highest priority.

If an instrument has not been collected within six months of my notifying you of its completion, I will regard this as a non-sale and the terms of the previous paragraph will apply.


I agree to produce an instrument within the specifications shown on the order form. Please check carefully that the details in this form are correct as they will be the reference in any dispute.

Should I not meet those specifications or should my workmanship fall below an acceptable standard, you will be justified in refusing the instrument and either full return of the deposit and material cost payments, or production of an instrument to the standards originally specified.

I will give you an approximate completion date; however this will only apply as a guideline. I can rarely specify how long an instrument may take to complete. I shall however keep you informed as to its progress and give a revised completion date as work progresses.

I guarantee any instrument for the length of my lifetime against faults arising from defective material and /or workmanship. For 1 year from the completion date I will readjust setup and playing action to suit you, at no extra cost.

Should repairs be required they will be undertaken by me or by an approved repairman.. Inspection of the instrument by me will be required before agreeing to a repair by a third party.


The above warranty will not apply where mistreatment of the instrument has caused damage. Causes may be use of over heavy strings, incorrect tuning, incorrect storage, exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity, or careless handling.
Ideally a guitar should be stored at room temperature and at a humidity of between 45%-55%. It is best stored in its case and a case humidifier used. If left out of its case it is advisable to use a guitar stand or hang it from a padded guitar wall hanger. Care should be taken not to place the instrument near or above radiators or direct sources of heat. If the guitar is cold, sudden exposure to a warm room can cause finish checking. The guitar should be left in its case until it has slowly reached room temperature.