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Custom Guitars

In Dave’s 30 years of experience he has developed and refined his techniques. His focus is on the quality of sound production first and foremost.

His techniques draw from the fundamental principals of acoustics. By laminating and hence stiffening the sides of the instrument which in turn hold the flexible front and back, the result is a louder and more tightly focused projection of sound.

Dave’s instruments are beautifully crafted and look as good as they sound.

Repair Service

Dave offers full repair and refinish services for both acoustic and electric guitars as well a range of services for other string instruments.

He’s been called upon to repair or restore many a fine instrument. Visit the gallery to see examples of his work.

Visit the repairs page for more information regarding standard repair services and pricing or feel free get in touch with Dave directly where he’ll be more than happy to answer your call/email.

About Dave

Dave is a careful and exacting craftsman who has spent the last 30 years developing repair and building techniques. His current instruments embody a philosophy which is the culmination of lengthy experimentation and reflection.

His initial interest in instruments was inspired by handling a 1928 Martin. Knowing that he could never afford such a fine instrument led to a determination to acquire the skills to build one. Over the years, his custom guitars, both acoustic and electric, have gained respect among a growing circle of aficionados.

My overall aim is to build guitars which are truly acoustic, with presence and power. They can be amplified, but don’t need amplification to fulfill their purpose.

– Dave Yelverton